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ovega series
Vega Series
July 30, 2020
Wall Mount
Wall Mount
September 24, 2020

Tomi Series New Generation


Magnetic Track Lighting System. Thanks for the convineient structure our systems are used in various spaces from commercial to residential settings.

Magnet Durability

  • The Magnet we use is NdFeB rare-earth permanent magnet.
  • It is the most powerful magnet on the Earth.
  • The Model is N35, 3600 (+-10%) Gauss.
  • Working Temperature upto 80°C.
  • Curie Temperature is 240°C(failure at this temperature)

Perfect Surface Treatment

  • The Surface Treatment offers perfect strong adhesion finishing to protect the fixtures from moisture.
  • The strong corrosion resistance and good heat conduction and dissipations ensure the fixtures effectiveness.
  • The coating is with special powder to ensure the flawless finishing.

Specification Sheet