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Hahalua Pendant
Hahalua Pendant
January 5, 2021
Beignet Verre Pendant
Beignet Verre Pendant
January 5, 2021

Boulder Pendant


The Bolder Pendant is reminiscent of the aspen trees and has a naturalistic design to it. The frame is connected to a single limb with multiple stems branching outwards topped with little individual lights. These are not fixed in one position and can be freely moved by rotating them around their place. This pendant can be utilized in many spaces and creates artistically pleasing and ambient lightning



  • Material: Metal & Acrylic.
  • Dimensions: W X L
    • 9 Head: 12.65″ X 17.72″.
    • 27 Head: 25.59″ X 21.65″.
    • 36 Head: 29.53″ X 23.62″.
    • 45 Head: 33.46″ X 25.60″.


  • Input Voltage: Poe Compatible.
  • Wattage (W): 1.6W/ Head.
  • Nominal Lumen (L): 100 lm/W.
  • IP Rating: IP20.
  • Controls: Dimming with PoE Driver.

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