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October 25, 2019
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October 25, 2019

Brass Pendant


This family of Brass Pendants has a unique function and design which allows for these pendants to be hung together in a variety of ways or to hang independent from one another. Each light has its own unique design which can work together in functionality or be its own center piece. As a result of this it can create whatever atmosphere the user desires and can be used in a multitude of way.


  • Material: Iron and Acrylic.
  • Dimensions: Dia x H:
    • PA: 6.3″ X 12.2″.
    • PB: 3.1″ X 7.1″.
    • PC: 9.1″ X 11.0″.
    • PD: 15.7″ X 5.1″.


  • Input Voltage: PoE.
  • Wattage (W):
    • PA: 6W.
    • PB: 6W.
    • PC: 12W.
    • PD: 18W.
  • LED Lumen / Watt: 100 lm/W.
  • Light Source: ntegrated LED.
  • IP Rating: IP20.
  • Controls: Dimming with PoE Driver.

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