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June 9, 2022

LED Highbay (LI-YRHB252)


This 204 lumen per watt round highbay light is an energy-efficient and powerful lighting fixture. It offers a compact UFO design for efficient heat dissipation and aesthetic appeal. The fixture provides bright and evenly distributed illumination for large spaces. Dimmable functionality and along lifespan. The options of medium and wide beam angles ensure targeted or extensive light coverage, while flicker-free operation enhances user experience.




  • Wattage:
    • 80W
    • 120W
  • Input:
    • 1.67Amps @ 48VDC
    • 2.50Amps @ 48VDC
  • Lumens:
    • 16000 Lm
    • 24000 Lm
  • CCT:
    • 4000K
    • 5000K
  • Finish:
    • Dark Bronze
    • Black


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