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Minimal Triad Pendant
Minimal Triad Pendant
March 24, 2021
Serene Pendant
Serene Pendant
March 26, 2021

Raggi Metallici Pendant


The Raggi Metallici Pendants are a unique collection of LED pendant lights. These pendants are made from finished metal to produce a cage like design. The LED at the bottom illuminated the fixtures and creates beautiful shadows onto the surrounding area. The simple design paired with the line like shadow effect will light up any space with a unique ambiance.



  • Material:
    • Metal.
  • Dimensions:
    • Long: 12.75″Dia. X 28″H.
    • Short: 24.03″Dia. X 16.31″H.
    • Square:
    • Small: 20.5″ Dia. X 20.62″ H.
    • Large: 27.5″ Dia. X 28.5″ H.
    • Canopy: 8.7” in Dia.
    • Cord Length: 134″L.


  • Input Voltage: PoE.
  • Wattage(W):
    • 30W.
    • 40W.
  • LED Lumen/Watt: 100 L/W.
  • Light Source: LED.
  • Controls: 100% dimming with Poe Driver.

Specification Sheet